Day 3 of 2018 Rambles

Jan 3, 2018

I have a lot rolling around in my mind as I get back into the routine of work and pick up on a fresh year. I have a few posts I'd like to draft still --- best of 2017, 2017 Intentions re-cap, 2018 intentions, our first holiday season engaged..all that jazz..but for now, let's start with some rambles.

+ enjoying - my new car! I got a 2017 Ford Edge on Dec 29, 2017. I don't think my car would have lasted into was looking pretty bleak..but it lasted me 11.5 years!

+ word of the year - I'm still unsure of one..last year's was Grace

+ wedding - still working on the first steps - setting a date + picking a venue. We mostly have it nailed down, but it's not locked in quite yet. This year is sure to be a whirlwind of change and memorable (awesome) moments!

+ minimizing - gosh, I need to do so so much of this in 2018. I'm off to a good start closet wise. I've already sold about 5 things on Poshmark this year and have a Goodwill bag started.

+ home - I am working to organize and begin purging + packing up some point this year my home will go on the market, so I want to take steps to try and stay on top of that.

+ notes - clearly I like rambling posts at the beginning of the year. 2017's here

+ travel - this month we head to Denver for the the National Western Stock Show. I'd also love to book a trip to Austin, TX this year. But, I'm thinking that will likely wait until next year as wedding planning and a honeymoon will be on the agenda this year!

+ shop - mostly I'm wanting organizing essentials..but I updated my "shop with Jess" page with  some of my favorites - things that I received at Christmas that I love, or things on my radar

+ get active - need to get back into a gym routine..also toying with the idea of trying out Orange Theory this year. My cousin used to work there and raves about it...she's currently going regularly to wedding prep herself. The Cattleman is wanting to buy an elliptical, so that will be nice to have at his house too!

+ reading - I'm loving everyone's 2017 re-caps or new year posts.

+ emerald - I've decided this is our wedding color!

+ wedding website - we've selected one and will get everything going once we have some official details

+ craving - sweets, but buying healthy meal components...

+ planner - finally got one at Marshall's last night!

+ beauty - wanting to try these drugstore items -- lipstick + foundation

+ journaling - n my daily gratitude notebook (going strong since my birthday in October!) and also logging other things in a regular journal

+ hustling - working hard to be disciplined in the office so I can reach new highs this year!

+ I looked back at this Jumpstart January post and I think I'll do a play on this myself.
  • Week 1: Work out 5 days a week
  • Week 2: Say sayonara to alcohol
  • Week 3: Nix processed foods and white sugar
  • Week 4: Lights out by 11p.m.
  • Week 5: Take 10,000 steps a day for a solid week
Cheers to 2018, folks!

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