Mar 19, 2018

We want to keep our loved ones with us forever, and it hurts so much when forever comes too soon. The loss is so great. Suddenly acceptance is required. No permission asked... What if the spirit of your loved one has not left you, but has moved inside your heart to live, never to be forgotten? Once we love someone, that person becomes a part of us and remains with us for as long as our memory of them lasts. Treasure your memories now. Try to focus on the time you did have. Let the blessings that you shared bathe you with love, encourage you with comfort, and inspire you to go on. In the silence of your loneliness and as you struggle to adjust to this loss, please know that you're being remembered often. - Donna Fargo

We got the devastating news on Saturday that one of Danny's cousins' husband had passed unexpectedly. They are 32.. My heart breaks for her. My cousin (who lost her husband tragically last year) shared this message with me and I wanted to pass it along. We are reminded all too often that life is short, embrace what you have for as long as you can.

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