Goodbye Beacon Hill

Jun 13, 2018

Goodbyes are never easy and this one is especially hard. This week I say goodbye to my team at Beacon Hill and my role as a Recruiter. I've been with the company for nearly 5 years & have grown so much professionally & personally over this span of years. They have seen me through so many life changes & most of my team feels more like family than co-workers. My boss, the company, the culture - literally so great!

However, my life is changing. Now with my move back to my roots I'm a bit too far from my current office - 60 miles to be exact. So, while I've been doing that commute for the past 3's not one that long-term would make sense - especially when we decide to start a family.

A job with a local company fell into my lap quickly, and it's undeniably a great opportunity given my new scenario. This new office will be 7 miles from the 60 miles vs. 7....
So after a few lengthy chats, it was hard to deny that this all just seemed so right..I accepted the offer and will be starting a new gig at the end of the month..from Recruiter to Logistics Coordinator.
I'll have a lot to learn, and I have a lot of new-ness in my world with the wedding quickly all makes me shake my head and I can't help but think this was where I was always supposed to end up. I know my Dad is up there playing with the stars.
So, I'm embracing all the change & counting my blessings!!

Now, let's go over some of my favorite Beacon Hill memories --

We do quarterly outtings here as a team. I've talked about a few in blog posts -- Fall 2015 / Spring 2016Summer 2017Spring 2018 /
This was Fall of 2016 - I posted on it here

Another big perk to my job is that each December our company flies everyone from every office (41 cities currently) into Boston where our headquarters is for a huge, fancy holiday party. It's a 2 part event - Thursday evening is the fancy party & Friday we have all day events too! Such fun memories made. Here are a few images -- 

Boston 2014 - Boss Ben in the middle - he's my fave!

Some of us girls at our Boston holiday party - 2015

The infamous fancy gold chair from the 2015 party

The first Boston holiday party I took the Cattleman to - 2016. Probably my favorite (and most talked about) Boston dress. 

The group in 2017 for a team lunch at our favorite place - Whiskey Priest

The Cattleman and I exploring - Freedom Trail

I'll miss this company & my team - they will always hold a special place in my heart. We are celebrating tonight with a happy hour!

UPDATED - two images from my farewell happy hour at BrickTop's

They have such great happy hour specials & their patio is covered / partially enclosed - made for a great afternoon. Their grapefruit vodkas are the best! Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

The team (minus Rock, Jane & Mike who were out of town) - Low quality sunny image, but high quality group


  1. Ah, love this post. So much good change, but a new role is always an adjustment. Love that this opportunity fell into your lap at the exact right moment, friend. You definitely have people looking out for you. xo

  2. So many exciting changes for you!!! Leaving a company you love can be so bittersweet, but so happy for you how it all worked out with finding a new position so quickly. And 7 miles - you cannot beat that!


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