Friday Best - 8 Days!

Aug 10, 2018

e i g h t  days until we get hitched! Can you believe that? We knew our engagement would zoom by as it was only a 8 month period of time & it sure did. We are so glad we did a short engagement though. We accomplished so much in the past 8 months - wedding wise & generally. We are in the home stretch and couldn't be more excited!

This weekend I'm going to hit a 90-min Orange Theory class (wish me luck), we are celebrating one last date night as fiances and then we are having family up on Sunday to have a little wedding work day + bbq. Packing up all the decor, talking game plans, and grilling burgers. Life is full of many blessings right now.

A few extra bests for the week, keeping it short & sweet --
Our wedding coozies came in and we are smitten!

I only made it to one OTF class during the weekday this week - but it sure was a good burn.

Lastly, only 10 more days until this is our honeymoon view. CANNOT WAIT!!

Things will continue to remain pretty quiet in this space until well after the wedding, then I hope to get back into a bit of a rhythm..I miss this space and this community.

Have such a great Friday + weekend.


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