September Update

Sep 19, 2018

Hey folks.
It's been so long! Life is going really, really good over here. It's been a bit since I've made time for this space and I miss writing here. I have sooo much I want to log here..most importantly, all things wedding. So much great stuff I want to share. I also want to get my re-brand in motion as this name is no longer fitting for my life back on the farm. All in time. For now, I'm popping in to share a bit of what I have been up to post-wedding. Just a quick post for now.

Wedding //

We got our gallery & Audrey did so, so good. So many special moments and images captured to cherish. I'll be sharing in time! I have lots of downloading and printing to do in the meanwhile.

Home Sweet Shouse //
Now that the wedding is over, settling into our home can be more of a focus for us. Organizing, decorating, and such. The Cattleman built and moved into this space as a bachelor and now it's time to add some cozy touches. Not sure of what a "shouse" is? I went into detail here.
We are working to add more storage and make room for all our great wedding gifts..and if we are being honest, we still have so much from my home to unpack and find homes for. Such a process. Poshmark, FB Marketplace & Goodwill will likely be my friends for lots of purging. We have made some order in a few spots and will keep on keeping on. This week we moved around some furniture, including this new piece below (we got it on sale!) and Danny surprised me by putting up our new gooseneck lights & I changed up the porch decor. Layered welcome mats, mums, and some chairs from my old home.
We have plans to put this in our bathroom in time, but for now it's working great in our master.

Inspire //

Guys. If you have not started reading Girl, Wash Your it!!
I brought it along on our honeymoon and it's such a smooth, easy, inspiring read. Sometimes with these books I often just read a chapter here and there, but this one was so easy to keep on with and I instantly knew it would be a go-to gift for me. In fact, I've already gifted 3 copies!

Oh, and I added some Fall items to my shop tab. Ok, that's it for tonight. Off to drink an IPA and do some organizing. Cheers!

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