Friday Best - Halloween Week + First in November

Nov 2, 2018

Rustic fall farmhouse porch = Pumpkins & mums on porch stairs. Great inspiration for cottage style & farmhouse style fall decor.

Hi. Hey. Hello.

I have sooo much I want to write and capture here, but instead of taking on too much, I'll start by popping in and re-caping the week - ya know, start small. It's a rainy Friday evening, I have a glass of wine in hand and we are about to start dinner and then cuddle up for a night in. This weekend we are heading to Pere Marquette for a quick Fall/Birthday getaway. We plan to hike, zipline, sip at the winery, maybe hit up Fast Eddies and some local shops - lots of fun! But, I'll have to keep this short because we still need to pack our bag.

This week flew by with the Halloween holiday smacked right in the middle. Which was a win. Let's catch up on a few bests. Since it's the first Friday of the month, we'll start with best monthly plans --

Best November Plans --
Our Fall getaway / a baby shower for our cousin / a birthday party / Thanksgiving festivities / Blues game / Three Sheep Shack pop up / and (hopefully) some hosting at our farm

Best Halloween evening--
We grilled, sat by the firepit with fun sips and listened to music. It was a perfect evening. We had candy ready - but zero trick-or-treaters, as expected.

Best Wedding Keepsake--

Best home productivity--
The Cattleman built more storage shelves. We keep working to purge/organize/sort our items. It's all coming along. And! We grated and seeded a soon-to-be front yard. That's a big one - I expect it to make a big impact on the curb appeal of our shouse. Yay!

Best habit--
I'm getting back into the habit of writing in my gratitude journal daily. I this is such a great keepsake + mental to-do. Highly recommend!

Ok, like I said..short and sweet..starting small.
Soon I'll recap all things wedding + home + life. But for now, a short post. Cheers!


  1. Wow! Your friend is so very talented and I am pretty sure that you will keep that embroidery for the rest of your life!
    I can't wait for you to fully recap your wedding and honeymoon! :)

  2. That embroidery hoop will be the cutest little keepsake! Hope you had a great weekend getaway!

  3. Catching up on your life! Omg I love that embroidery so much! That is such an awesome idea.


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