Friday Best - November Happenings

Nov 16, 2018

hey folks.
this week flew on by and we got the most magical snow on Wednesday evening. On Thursday I woke up to 5+ inches of fluffy's not as magical to have to go to work as it would be to stay cuddled up at home, but that's okay too. I still have my Fall decor out, but man, this snow has me tempted to go against my ways and decorate for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving. But, we are hosting a casual gathering with our families on Thanksgiving so I am trying to hold off.

This week I've mostly enjoyed being a has been a doozy and I like to come home to a glass of wine and my cozy shouse. We had dinner with my Mom one night which was lovely and other than that we kept chipping away at our to-do list....more storage shelving up, more purging and organizing, and personalized wedding thank yous (slash Christmas cards) ordered.

Some about we get on to those...

best sight- again, all the snow. we've gotten so much lately and it's so Christmas decorations are begging to come out. how stunning are these farm views?

best sip - this harvest select riesling..bought it on a whim, and I may or may not have stocked up for myself + our family event today

best sales - AE's bogo jean sale, I got two new pair + Old Navy's sale - stocked up on cardigans

best DIY- I bought a few ceramic homes at Wal-Mart to create a little village for Christmas. I plan to spray paint the homes white and re-create this adorable, rustic little scene.

best new piece- my friend, Jane, made me yet another fabulous piece of furniture. This time a custom console for the shouse hallway. I LOVE it can't wait to style it up, in general, and for Christmas.

Okay, that's all for now..we have a pretty low-key agenda for the weekend. Working around the house, probably some hunting for the Cattleman, church and a birthday party. Cheers.


  1. Ohhh, I love a good Riesling! And the snow totally has me in the Christmas mood, too. Decorations are going up, starting today!

  2. Ugh, love that console. How gorgeous is that wood? I love it. And I love the idea of painting those houses white--so gorgeous. Definitely getting my wheels spinning haha. & I can't with the farm views. So jealous.


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