My Small shop --Three Sheep Shack + Our WHY behind the brand

Oct 21, 2021

Let's chat about my Etsy shop - Three Sheep Shack - and our why behind the brand. 

The Shack --

My Mom & I have an Etsy shop that we started in 2014. The Three Sheep Shack, often referred to as The Shack. An online Etsy shop full of crochet goods handmade by my Mom. She's the talent, I'm the content manager. Over the years we've had a web presence on Etsy, partnered with various local small shops to offer our products in brick and mortar stores, and have been a part of numerous craft shows + makers markets. My Mom and I have fun with our shop and it is a great creative outlet for us both.

Our Why --

My youngest brother passed away suddenly in 2013. After that happened, we started a scholarship in his honor at our local high school. Funding this scholarship was the main catalyst for starting the Three Sheep Shack and is where the majority of our profits go directly to. 2021 will be year EIGHT (!!! - so crazy to think) that we have accepted applications & given out this scholarship. 

A few of our family pictures from my wedding.

We have poured a lot of our heart and time into The Shack over the years. 
And so, so much good has come from it!
Awarding this scholarship to many worthy students, sponsoring local events, and scattering joy in our community + allowing us a way to channel some of our grief into goodness. 
It's a brand we are truly proud of.

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