Sunday Shopping - a round up of items I'm loving lately

Oct 11, 2020

I recently started using & set up an Amazon Storefront - both are user friendly ways for me to share items I'm loving with all of you. I showcase items on my Instagram stories and I want to start compiling favorites to share here on the blog too. I'm thinking a once a month recap would be a good starting point.

Target Women's Boots 

They have a deal going for buy one, get one 50% off on women's boots + an extra 20% off shoes. A great deal to take advantage of if needing any staples for the season.

A few I like --

Lace up boot - $40 / Platform Bootie - $40 / Heeled Ankle Bootie - $40 / Western Bootie - $35  / Wedge Bootie - $40

Wedding Look

Dress - was supposed to be dark red, but it was a true red
Similar shoes - 1 // 2
The girls' dresses & bows & shoes

Favorite Headband Set

2 for $9

I wear these all the time! I want to add the yellow leopard pair to the mix.

A Baking Gift Basket

I put this together for my cousin's wedding shower and love how it all came together.

Halloween + Fall things

I love our Halloween Bucket Bags - set of 3 for $22

Pumpkin Patch Sign  - $22

Pumpkin Patch Pillow - $22

Halloween Dining Bowls - 4 pack, $6

Cozy Doormat - $13

Shop Women's Fall Style Items

You can scroll through my  profile here and see the deals I'm sharing. You don't need the app to shop the links.

You can shop my Amazon Storefront here -

I have it broken down by categories like -

Fall // Baby Items // DIY // Women's Fashion & more! Go check it out!

dISCLOSURE - Links included in this post and in my storefront + are mostly affiliate links. Which means if you make a purchase using these links, I may receive a small commission for providing the link. This comes from the retailer with no additional charge to you! I appreciate you supporting this brand of mine.

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