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Feb 21, 2021


Our new room addition isn't complete yet. But it's fun to start envisioning what I want to add into the room to make it both functional and cozy. I don't want to add tons of new items as someday it will transition to be our twins' bedroom and all the furniture will have to rearrange when that day comes. So I want the pieces to be items that could easily stay in their room when that day comes or shift to another room in our home.

+ The Rug - I like the colors in this option and the fact that the 8x10 size is only $128 is also a big win for me. I need to determine if I want an 8x10 or something larger. I also love the patterns and colors of this one.

+ Fiddle Leaf  Fig - The new room gets good lighting, so I may end up getting a real plant..but then again our girls like to play in the dirt, so that could be asking for trouble. Regardless, I always feel like some touch of green - real or faux - is a good piece for completing a room.

+ Mirror - This is a fun low profile one for the wall. Only $58 too!

+ Storage Organizer - Since this room's main focus for now will be a playroom I definitely want a piece for a lo of storage. I like that this piece has the meta base and isn't just a cube organizer sitting on the ground without legs. Plus, it's $87 which seems pretty affordable for this piece.

+ Cube Bins - I like the look of these bins with the metal handle. If I want to fill each cubby Id need 8 bins, so I want them to be low cost. These are only $6 each, so they are a contender too.

+ Floor Cushion -  I could see these being a handy option for floor play. I've also seen people style them as the "floor" inside of play teepees.

+ Distressed Lamp - We currently have this in our living room and I love it.

I also really like this IKEA chaise lounge  as a corner nook option. Or maybe a chaise like this or this with arms.

So, there's everything that is catching my eye for the room so far, I'm sure I'll make a few more collages before I land on the final decision. You can shop the affiliate links below for any of the items shown. I do make a small comission on purchases at o additional cost to you.

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