My Mom Cozy Breast Pump Review

Jul 8, 2022


I had baby number three just three months ago and have been exclusively breastfeeding since. Something that I did not have luck on with my twins. It’s very rewarding to be able to experience nursing this go round. But just as rewarding as it may be, breastfeeding comes with a lot of commitment and also a whole list of items that are essential to helping make the process work for me. 

One item on my essential list this go round is the Mom Cozy Breast Pump. My insurance did not cover a breast pump and since I was paying for it out of pocket, I knew that I needed something affordable. I also wanted it to be a wearable option since I have twin toddlers to tend to. I do have two electric pumps from my pregnancy with the twins and knew I could use those if I didn’t want to use the wearable as my main pump.


I have now used the Mom Cozy Pump numerous times in these 12 weeks, so I feel I can give it a fair review from my perspective. I have used it while running kid free errands a time or two and to add in a pump sporadically. Two caveats - I am not a lactation consultant, nor have I used a wide variety of pumps to compare to this one. In fact this is the only wearable I’ve ever tried. These are merely my thoughts on my personal experience with this pump.


Mom Cozy Pump Pros -

Wearable. Thus making it very handy for on the go. You assemble the silicone catch cups & attach the motor and can be mobile.

Battery life. I have used them 5 times in a row, for 20 mins each, and they still had charge left. I charged them after that to be safe though.

Strong suction. It had 5 suction modes and seems pretty strong, I usally pump on mode 3.

Two modes. Massage & pumping. I usually start in massage and quickly bump it up to level 3 of pumping/suction.

Low noise. The motor isn’t too loud in my opinion.

Affordable. It usually is priced at $119, and at the time of writing this it's on sale for $99. Which makes it the most affordable wearable pump option available. And it's available on Amazon with Prime shipping.


Mom Cozy Pump Cons -

Assembly. The silicone cups are kind of finicky to assemble and put on. Since everything is made of silicone it is flimsy in a sense. Sometimes I’ll have to assemble and disassemble multiple times before getting them to actually suction and pump milk. Which can be frustrating. Especially when you’re on the go in the car in a cramped space trying to hurry. This is probably my main downfall.

The seal isn’t great. A time or two in the beginning I’d be pumping and it was all spilling into my bra because the seal had somehow come loose on the silicone cups when putting them into my bra. (Common issue) But it only happened the first two times I used it and it hasn’t happened since.

Not overly discreet. While it's nice to have a wearable option, I wouldn't call these discreet. They serve my purposes well of using them in the car and around the house. But I wouldn't really go unnoticed with them on in a meeting at work, ya know? So it depends on how you need your wearable pump to function.

Fogs up. It does fog up once you start pumping, making it hard to see if it's suctioning correctly. But I have heard this of other wearables too, so it must just be an unavoidable issue.


My Overall Conclusion -

3.75 stars.

The Mom Cozy pump is convenient and affordable. and for a $100-ish pump, I do feel like I got the value of what I paid for. For a pump this price, it is serving my needs really well (despite a few frustrations). It does seem to do a decent job of pumping milk. I’m not sure I feel 100% empty after I pump, but they extract a considerable amount of milk each time. And there is no great way to know what I’d be pumping in these exact moments with a different pump though. Ya know? Every session varies so much.

I don’t feel like this would be the best pump to use if you’re pumping frequently (exclusively, back to work, etc) but I do think it’s a good pump in your mom arsenal for when on the go. If you get a free electric pump through insurance and buy this one out of pocket, I think it's worthwhile.

If you have any questions, DM me over on Instagram HERE. I can continue to add FAQs to this post over time. Reading something like this would have been helpful to me when I was first trying to figure out A. if this pump was worthwhile and B. when trying to figure out how to use it and if my troubles were common when I bought it.

coming soon - 

An experiment I’d like to try is pumping for 20 mins with my mom cozy pump & then hooking up to my electric pump (Spectra) after and seeing if any more milk is emptied. I haven’t made the time to do that yet but when I do I’ll send the update out to my e-mail list. So, you can sign up for my newsletter if you’re interested in the results of that experiment. I’ll also update this post at that time.



+ In this Milk Minute Podcast Lactation Consultants do a review of the Mom Cozy Pump along with others pumps) - CLICK HERE. I found this helpful and was where I learned that the catch cups coming apart an spilling into my bra was not something only I had issues with in the beginning.

+ I have saved highlights on My Instagram page @rootsoutwest for Breastfeeding, The Mom Cozy, & The Elvie Curve.

+ My Favorite Breastfeeding Essentials List - I linked some faves HERE in my Amazon Storefront.


Milk Catch + Collector = If you follow on Instagram you know I have been singing the praises of the Elvie Curve. It is well worth every penny for comfort and usage. It's not awkward like the haaka and has allowed me to collect over 120 ounces of milk while nursing and not having to pump. Can't recommend this enough. A MUST for any nursing mama.

Breastmilk Bags =

I hope you found this helpful! If you put any of this information to use, I’d love for you to tag or DM me on Instagram @rootsoutwest so I can see + share in my stories.


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