Weekend Wrap-Up

Dec 11, 2011

My weekend was relatively uneventful and chill.  Essentially I Christmas shopped quite a bit. Bar tended a fancy Holiday Party. Made a quick trip home to my parent's house and spent most of Sunday crafting with my momma.  I finished it off by seeing New Year's Eve with the roomie.

Do you have any fancy Christmas parties on the agenda? I'm wishing there were some on mine after seeing that one on Saturday. I have a casual Christmas gathering with girlfriends from high school on Friday. Christmas on my Dad's side of the family Saturday, and Christmas on my Mom's side on Sunday. It will be a weekend full of Christmas Cheer.

Here are a few weekend pics....
{Sneak Peek at the progress on my spice jars}
{Home-made gift tags}
{Chalk Board painted items. Still need to find chalk so I can decorate them}
{Getting prepped for a Tacky Christmas Party/ Bar Crawl}

{Adorable Owl Tray I purchased..now what to use it for}

Take on this week with Vigor my friends!


  1. Love the spice jars! I can't wait to see them finished!

    Where'd you get the little yellow owl? I've been looking for a sweet little tray like that to store odds and ends next to my nightstand.

  2. the sock monkey print on your gift tags is tooo cute!


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