New Year's Eve

Dec 13, 2011

So as I mentioned the roomie and I went to see New Year's Eve on Sunday. It was a pretty good flick. Not as good as Valentine's Day, but still worth watching.

I think both movies are great for style watching. More so Valentine's Day than New Year's Eve..but here were the two items left on my "lust list" after watching the movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer played this dowdy character, Ingrid. She did however have a great Marc Jacobs bag. I am now wanting this one bad. Good thing It's in my budget.
{Ingrid with her great bag}

Also, Hilary Swank's character Claire had a great silk scarf on the entire movie. I now want to thrift (see below) a bunch of silk scarves to add to my Christmas gifts, and my own personal scarf collection. I remember my mom used to have a whole drawer full of silk scarves, but I made her get rid of them ages ago because I told her they were "out". Little did I know they would be back "in", shoot!
{See that great scarf?! Image via here.}

I didn't really leave the theatre with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I mostly left feeling lame that I don't have glitzy NYE plans yet. I guess I have a few more weeks to make that happen.

 I went to a thrift shop and saw all of these great scarves, but purchased none. Kind of regretting it now because they were all only about $3. I got to thinking about the people I was buying gifts for and decided none of them would wear these scarves, so I passed. Should I go back? :)
{So colorful}


  1. Oh I love scarves! I usually thrift the ones that are a bit longer, I don't like them to be tied too tight around my neck. Those in the pic you took look awesome! Love all the crazy 80's prints.

  2. I know. Some of these were pretty short and I was unsure if I could re-style them.

  3. Those scarves are so cute!! I think you should def go back and get can't beat $3. I am a new follower of your blog, it would be great if you followed my new blog :)


  4. I can't believe you passed up all those great scarves! Go back for them, girl!

  5. Will someone tell me how she did the COOL KNOT in her SCARF? I want to do that with mine.


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