Weekend Wrap-Up

Dec 19, 2011

Friday night I hit the slopes....
The bar we went to had this silly plastic mural thing hanging from the wall, but it was ironic because the guys we were with kept talking about going on a ski trip...so we decided it would be fun to take some ski pics..normal right? Turns out we started a trend because another big group had their photo shoot after us.

This weekend I had two Christmas gatherings.... fun, but also kind of sad because now i feel like Christmas is over... I had a fun time with family, ate too much good food, and got some fun gifts.

I also enjoyed some champagne by my mini Christmas tree.
Don't mind my non-manicured nails....

Then I added a few more Christmas touches to the place to prepare for a tacky Christmas party we have coming up on Friday.

Now on to a stressful work week to prepare for an upcoming trade show.... Once this week is over I can breathe a sigh of relief.... Here's a sneak peek at my messy office currently....I shouldn't even show you this but here goes nothing...

Have a great week!!! 

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