Carrying Out 2012 Goals

Jan 4, 2012

Yesterday was my first day back to work in the new year and I was filled with plans, goals, and new ideas. Maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was my excitement for the new year, but I am ready to set these thoughts into action and make each day one with INTENTION.

I'm going to start by coming up with a plan to set each of my 2012 goals into action. First up is: "Grow my events and work networks"

The Plan:
Be Strategic.
Plan and monitor success.
Make more personal interactions (i.e. less e-mails and more hand written thank you notes and phone calls).
Attend more networking events/luncheons in my community.

Are you all filled with zest and positive thoughts for 2012? What steps are you taking make your goals a reality?


  1. I'm going to give each goal a different month. That way I don't get overwhelmed, because I have a lot of goals!

    xx Emily @

  2. That room looks like something out of an IKEA store! Good luck on each of your goals. I haven't even started any of mine yet!

  3. Just reading that got me pumped up to be organized and intentional. Awesome!

  4. I am filled with ZEST for sure! :) Lots of lemon zest from my muffin I just ate. Ha (lame joke).
    I am trying to ENJOY each moment and get my butt to workout!

    Good luck on your goals girlie!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment! But organizing is definitely on my list..we shall see if it gets done!


  6. I love your goals! Works wonderfully in business and in life! I do have a zest for the upcoming year...I think it's going to be the most exciting year yet! I'm just trying to think positively and be more motivated to do different things. Cheers to a brand new year! :)

  7. Love all your goals! I have many of the same... including writing more hand written notes!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012! :)


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