Friday Five

Feb 24, 2012

Other bloggers do it so maybe I need to jump on this Friday Five bandwagon..Here are Five Things an my mind/web browser/iPhone camera today. Check some other great ones: Bekah's. Ashley's.

{One} Super Trendy Fashion Blogger Outfits:

I'm obsessed with those wedges, she has them on here too.

{Two} Donuts! Hannah shared this recipe with me on mini donuts. I may have to go buy a pan this weekend.

{Three} My mom's baby sheep (lamb?) Sophie that they are bottle feeding. I was home this weekend and got to bottle feed her myself. She's adorable and like a little puppy. My family lives on a small farm and we have a herd of about 30 sheep. So cute!

{Four} Spotify. I don't have many playlists. I mostly listen to albums such as: Young the Giant, Black Keys, Rihanna, etc. But here is the link to my "Random" playlist:

{Five} DIY Art. I really want to make a big canvas piece for my living room this weekend. Perhaps I will give this a try.
Via {Pintrest} Follow me @JessiAub

Well there is my first Friday Five. I hope you like it. Perhaps I can keep it going in weeks to follow.


  1. Love it! That DIY art piece is amazing! Good luck with yours!!!

  2. Those bright blue pants are awesome. I've totally got colored denims on the shopping list!

    And what a sweet lamb! too cute.

  3. great collection of pictures!

  4. i love that art too!! when you do it yourself, you will have to be sure to post about it

  5. I made the FRIDAY FIVE?! After a pretty crappy day, this literally just made it. p.s. i kinda wanna jump on the bandwagon too for this. p.s.s. that donut recipe looks fantastic.

    A Southern Drawl

    1. Aw, so glad I could help to turn your crappy day around. Jump on the bandwagon with me!

  6. Ugh, I still want donuts, girl!


    1. Same. I am probably going to buy a donut tomorrow morning AND buy a mini donut pan to try to bake my own. Don't judge.

  7. Love this .Thanks for the follow doll :) Great blog as well.


  8. I meant to comment sooner but I have barely had time for any computer fun.

    Thanks again for the mention here! So sweet of you. Hope you had a great weekend!



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