Weekend Wrap-Up

Feb 27, 2012

I haven't wrapped up my weekend for you readers in a while--perhaps I was doing you a favor by sparing you some boring tid bits--but alas, here are the details of my weekend.

Friday night consisted of running errands (which included getting McAlister's tea..my favorite), an attempted DIY for a baby shower gift addition, and a last minute decision to go out and have drinks with some girl friends.


DIY--Ahem..after. It was trickier than I thought, and yes..I gave up

Saturday I lounged around the house and the only exciting thing I did was watch Grey's Anatomy all day. What you don't find that exciting? Oh. I just started watching via Netflix recently and have made it to Season 6, and still have lots of catching up to do.


(Sidenote: Who would you choose.. Dr. Shepherd or Dr. Sloan? I'm for Dr. Shapherd!)

Sunday I started by taking care of my donut craving that Hilary, Hannah, and I had all been sharing.

Then I headed out of town for a baby shower for a college friend/sorority sister. Nothing like some white wine, snacks, baby games, and 'ohhing' and 'aahing' over baby gifts to make for a fun Sunday afternoon.
   Sidenote: We decorated onesies for each month ( I had one year) for her to take the baby's picture in and create a collage of the pictures later on. Cute idea!
The mommy-to-be and me. Her baby bump is so tiny and she is 8-months along.

When I got back in town I met up with my friend and her kiddo at McAlister's for dinner. I just can't get enough of their unsweetened tea lately. Below is my friend's daughter Lily with her balloon animal they were making for family night.

I may or may not have finished my Sunday night off with more Grey's.....

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. I know I'll be having a glass of wine tonight...whew!


  1. I choose Avery, I know he's not an option but wait till season 7 . Total hottie!!!



  2. Sorry to hear you gave up on the yarn wrapping! I doubt I could've done much better. I have never seen an actual episode of Grey's but I've been wanting to watch it on Netflix for the longest time!

  3. What a fun weekend! (especially the donuts, obvi.)


  4. Oh my, did you have a tough DIY project too? Haha, I totally sabotaged a "chalk board" I am trying to make...they never are as easy as they seem! Happy to find your blog:) xo


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