A Peek into May

May 1, 2012

My May:

-Work: Events, Events, Events.
-Planning for an upcoming work trade/food show (head=spinning)
-Getting my booty in gear and upping my gym frequency
-Being open minded
-Seeing The Fray in concert!
-Spending time spoiling my momma for Mother's Day
-Sending off my #SwapandBop Mixed CD's (another post on that to come)
-Getting some vacations on the books. My roomie's parents are moving to North Carolina, so we hope to head there in July.

{Credit: I loved Mackenzie's post on A look Forward at May and thought it would be a fun to do a similar post. Her blog is adorable, so check it out if you have not before.}


  1. Ooooo i think i might link up to this :) May is pretty important to me. North Carolina is nice i've been to Charlotte and i loved it.



  2. Ugh "upping my gym freq" -ditto, ditto. Hope your month is wonderful!

    A Southern Drawl

  3. Sounds like a very busy may!! Ditto to the gym/working out!!! Happy May!

    <3 Denise


  4. Hello! I'm Mattie, the owner of Puddleduck Paper Co. I saw you commented on Turquoise and Teale's giveaway post that you tweeted about it. Just wanted to say thank you! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You have great items. Fingers crossed for a win. :)

  5. Such a cute post, I am so ready to swap and bop!

  6. hi jess! i saw that you won the custom blog design giveaway at Along Abbey Road blog and thought I'd get ahold of you! :) email me at andreabrionne.blog@gmail.com and lets get your new look going! I'm excited to work with you!

    andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

  7. May is always such a busy month! Sounds like yours will be a lot of fun! :)


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