Friday Five

Mar 23, 2012

{1} Keeping It Together. I really loved this post by Keira over at A Pretty Penny. I truly connected to everything she was saying about how she balances her work load and how she keeps it all together. It's okay if we aren't always perfect, and that yes sometimes do eat a cupcake after a workout or spend an entire Sunday on the couch after a long week. At the same time, some days I am super productive and get in great work outs. So on and so forth. It all balances out.

{2} Celebrating Birthdays. My cousin turned 21. Oh the excitement.

{Birthday Girl}

{Her and the BF}

{3} Timeflies. Heard of this band? It is quite easy to develop a crush on Cal (see for yourself). Not only can he sing, but he's crazy good at rapping too. They release videos on Tuesdays and call them "Timeflies Tuesday", they have an album too. Learn more here.
They are coming to a small venue in St. Louis in a couple weeks and me and my roomie are going to see them, can't wait!

(Check them out, you won't regret it)

{4} Baseball. I saw this picture in a restaurant the other day, and CANNOT wait for Opening Day here in St. Louis. :)

{5} National Day of Unplugging. A Day to turn off the computer and cell phone and really take note of everything around you. I plan to partake in this. I'll be at my parent's house so it will be the perfect opportunity to be present, enjoy the outdoors and their adorable sheep (newest addition pictured below), and catch up on reading.

(Meet Minnie)

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