Mar 31, 2015

Last summer I had decided to take full advantage of all the Farmers' Markets in the local area and I made a goal to gather fresh produce weekly. I thoroughly enjoyed hitting up the various farmers' markets (well and my Dad's garden) for an abundance of local/fresh produce and often recruited friends to join me. I posted a picture of my haul each week on my Instagram using #SummerOfLocal. I plan to frequent many farmers' markets again this Spring/Summer as well, so stay tuned on my IG feed- @jessiaub.

The Farmers' Market I frequented the most was probably the Tower Grove Market. They even have a free yoga class the morning of! Here is a (2014) list of St. Louis Farmers Markets.

Are you a farmers' market frequenter (yes, frequenter is now a word in my book)? If so, what are your favorite finds or markets? What are some in the St. Louis area you recommend?

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