Colorado Adventure

Apr 6, 2015

(Pictures from a hike of mine in Arapaho National Forest)

My first trip to CO was last August. A friend of mine and I went over Labor Day weekend and hit Denver, Boulder, Morrison and Dillon over a span of a week. Lots of brewery hopping and hiking. Our favorite breweries  were Broken Compass, Dillon Dam Brewery and Denver Beer Co.

I've been itching to get another CO trip on the books, but I already booked a trip to Mexico for this year and have Nantucket on my bucket list, so I didn't think it would happen. Until today......A friend of mine is planning a hiking trip and has free lodging and transportation lined up. The flight is cheap and it's just a quick 3-day hiking trip to after running through a list of reasons why I shouldn't go, I requested off and booked the flight. Here I come, CO!

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