Detox Recap

Jun 3, 2015

If you followed along last week, then you know I tried the 3 Day Dr. Oz Detox. See below for my rundown of how it went.

Ingredients - $60 - Trader Joe's. I already had green tea, pineapple, coconut oil and cayenne pepper. I'm sure if I had gone to Aldis and then Trader Joes I could have saved some money, but I wanted to knock it all out at once. I overshot on the kale because I was going by the ounces in the package for the cups it called for, big mistake. I bought 4, 10 oz bags and 1 is more than enough. So, I froze the extra for future smoothies. I returned my stevia because I don't care to have sweetened tea and that's all it's used for.

Vitamins - $29- Walgreens. I felt this was a lot to drop at once on vitamins and there was even a BOGO sale on those so 1 bottle was free.
I debated on whether or not to get the vitamins to go alongside the detox but opted to do so.

Detox Bath - $20- Whole Foods. I got a 5lb bag of salt, which seemed like a lot, but after 3 days of baths it was just enough. The lavender oil will always be present in my baths from here on out. The best! I really enjoyed the detox baths.

See my daily thoughts below:
Day 1-
AM- This smoothie is pretty tasty. I can do this.
Afternoon- Lunch smoothie was not as smooth or tasty as my breakfast one, but still manageable. It's about 1:00 and I'm feeling like I have a fever. Did a quick google search and read that inflammation is normal with a detox because of toxins leaving the body.
PM- It's about 4:30 and my stomach is starting to growl, but I only drank about 2/3 of my lunch smoothie because it was taking me forever to drink. Skipped the afternoon snack smoothie and really enjoyed the dinner smoothie. Why does my Instagram feed have to be filled with wine? Give me a glass! Night 1 of the detox bath= relaxing.

Day 2-
AM- The caffeine headache is rough today. Why does everyone at work have Starbucks? Ugh! A colleague also has a huge plate of breakfast food from Whole Foods, you're killing me. This headache will not quit- I went with a second cup of green tea to try to get the caffeine headache to go away, no dice.
Afternoon- The flu-like symptoms are kicking in again. It seems as if this a normal occurrence on a cleanse. Not the best for being productive at work. I popped two ibuprofens because of my symptoms and headache (oops!).
PM- It's about 2:00 and I and going with the snack smoothie today so I can make it through step class and also get some miles in. Running two miles before step class did not sit well with my detoxing self, had to leave halfway through step. Now that I am home and sipping my dinner smoothie I'm fine, the detox bath also helped to get into chill mode.

Day 3-
AM- Got up and got 3 miles in before work. Feeling full of energy and in a good mood. No caffeine headache today. Glad I powered through Day 2 and didn't throw in the towel.
Afternoon- Really craving a buffalo chicken wrap, but am still going strong. Stomach started growling a bit around 2:30 and I forgot to pack a snack smoothie but I'm still working on my lunch one.
PM- Drank about half of my dinner smoothie slowly and enjoyed my last detox bath.

I wish there had been an approved liquids list. That part was not specific. I was unsure if I was only supposed to be drinking water, and if so, how much? I  would have liked to drink as much tea as I wanted too, but avoided it except for the morning cup, with the exception of my extra cup on day two.

Tips :
-Make the smoothies in advance, it's a messy process and it's hard to gather the energy to do it multiple times. I made two days in advance as that's what my glassware lineup allowed for.
-Power through any caffeine headaches you may be having.
-Hydrate! I was constantly thirsty on this detox. Having water on hand kept my cravings/hunger at bay.

Cravings :
COFFEE (this was my biggest craving)
Banana Chips
Chicken Fingers
Fried Pickles
Imitation Crab Dip
Buffalo Chicken Wrap

First thing I ate post detox:
Banana Chips and an egg-white omelet with kale in it (boring I know).
What would be the first thing you would want to eat after 3 days of smoothies?

End result :
I am glad I stuck this out and saw it through fully. I dropped about 5-6 pounds on the detox- It's hard for me to say an exact number because I didn't weigh myself prior to, I only know what I'm roughly usually at. I did feel like I got a good reset internally. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you like smoothies!


  1. Sounds like day two was rough! Will you do this detox again?

    1. Day 2 definitely had me ready to throw in the towel. I plan to do it again (perhaps in a month or two) and have already made more of the breakfast and dinner smoothies to supplement as meals.

  2. Love all your detox thoughts - I try to make a giant smoothie and drink it over the course of a few days (and feed it to my kid!). Glad you stuck it out, good for you! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

    1. Great idea! Smoothies are a great way to blend a bunch of nutrients into one sitting. If you're looking for a new recipe to try, I'd recommend the breakfast one! Thanks for popping in.

  3. I haven't heard of this detox, but I know I could definitely use one! And it doesn't sounds tooooooo bad! Thanks for your thoughts on it! I'll have to do some more reading on it!


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