Donut Pops

Jun 4, 2015

I wanted to share a quick party favor idea that I recently threw together for my friend's bridal shower. My friend loves the donut pops from a local donut shop here in St. Louis, Donut Drive-In. I was thinking about how I could incorporate them into the party, so I figured why not turn them into a favor. See my quick and easy steps on making donut pops below!

Step 1 : Gather your supplies

Step 2 : Prepare the Tag

Step 3 : Get donut holes from your favorite local shop. Taste tests are a must!

Step 4 : Ta-Da!

These were a hit at the bridal shower and you have plenty of time to prep a few of your own for National Donut Day tomorrow. Do you have any fun donut celebrations planned? I'll be attending this local event put on by Strange Donuts.


  1. These turned out so cute! (and tasty!)

  2. Really good idea! is so cute and i'm sure the taste was incredible :)
    Nisa, Couple of Cups

    1. Thanks for stopping in. They were certainly well-received.


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