The trip that wasn't

Jun 7, 2015

The intent of this post was originally supposed to be of my Mexico pack list. I was supposed to be leaving for Mexico today but things did not go as planned. Let me expand....

Monday- I started to set out items to pack and things took a turn for the worst....I went to grab my passport to put in it's new case I bought. It wasn't where I keep it. Gone...let the panic ensue...I literally tore apart my whole place looking for it and finally went to sleep hoping to dream up a solution.

Tuesday- I ended up taking off work to look more and get this situation right. To make a long story short, I ended up going with a passport expediting service. So, I spent the day running around to get all of the details in order for sending off my passport application.

Then I was to wait and pray that it came by 3:00 PM on Saturday as they guaranteed it would.

Saturday- I woke up and called the service as I had not yet received tracking information for my passport. Me, "Hi, I'm calling to check the status of my order." Customer Service Representative, "I'm sorry but our records show we do not yet have this passport back and have not shipped it out." Me, "I am supposed to leave for Mexico tomorrow." Rep, "It doesn't look like you will be going."

There went that. No passport, no Mexico. This has been booked for months and thus this is a devastating blow for me at the moment. Instead of waking up to a beach, I'll be waking up and heading to the office as per usual. Bitter, party of 1. Pardon me while I go cancel my out of office message I had set.

My family keeps telling me everything happens for a reason, but I sure am struggling to see the reason on this one. My two friends are still going as we booked non-refundable tickets and I hope my situation doesn't put a damper on their trip. I'm sure they will have a blast and I'll just have to live vicariously for now unfortunately.

A Smile- During my panic, my friend Erika and her daughter, Lily (5 years old), had come over to help me look for the passport. Later Erika texted me to show me this....Lily was concerned for me and willing to help me out in my predicament. She knew I was going to have to spend a lot of money so she wanted to give me the $5 she just earned for her Kindergarten report card. How cute is this?! That girl sure has a heart of gold.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened, I can't imagine how bummed you are. Do you have any idea what could have happened to it? Your friends daughter is too sweet.

    Christine |

    1. I have no clue. Yes, Lily is a gem. Thanks for popping in!


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