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Jun 8, 2015

A throwback photo of me and friends from last Summer.

Here we go--

Lou Lists - Bringing this back for a Summer edition next week.
I never did do a baby shower re-cap from the one I hosted that was mentioned in that post. You can see a peek of the shower details here and here. Now, Sophia will be turning two in August!

Friday Five - This has now morphed into Weekly Bits
My cousin and her boyfriend (pictured) are still together and going strong!

A Peek into May - I like this post and taking a look at what was to come in May.
I may have to bring this concept back. What do you think?

Weekend Wrap-Up - These still pop up occasionally as Weekend Snaps
My friend's little girl, Lily, was so tiny then! She just graduated from Kindergarten this year.

Rooftop Yoga - I loved this class and watching the sunset from the roof while doing yoga.
I'm not sure if the Chase still hosts these free classes but this reminds me to look into it! I have gone to outdoor yoga classes at Tower Grove Farmers' Market and need to embrace other free outdoor classes. Here's a list of outdoor yoga options in STL from last year!

Hope you enjoyed this throwback!

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