Weekend Snaps - June v. 1

Jun 9, 2015

This weekend was a whirlwind of events...some planned and some unplanned (and upsetting).

Friday - I celebrated National Donut Day with a friend at a local event with Strange Donuts.

Beer + Donuts + BBQ (pulled pork sliders and donuts not pictured)

Because...butter! Super pixelated and dark, but too funny not to share. 
(Sidenote: My childhood nickname was "Buttercup" so people joke with me about butter a lot)

Saturday - I planned on packing my suitcase for Mexico and getting my nails done, but things didn't go according to plan and I had to cancel my trip to Mexico. You can read more on that here. So, mostly I spent Saturday wasting a beautiful day inside making phone calls and being grumpy.

Sunday - I went to view a home with my agent that just hit the market. Not the one for me, unfortunately. Then I went to my aunt's pool to soak up some sun for a bit. After that I headed to my parents' place and enjoyed some time unplugging in the country with my family. Mom and I sat outside and sipped on some Summer drinks (Shandy for me, Margaritas for her) while we BBQ-ed dinner and enjoyed the cool Summer evening.

The bungalow I viewed

A book I just finished and recommend!

Monday - I kept the day off to enjoy {at least} a long weekend since I had planned to have the whole week off in Mexico. I slept in, finished a book and then headed back to my aunt's pool and wrapped up the day with dinner at our favorite Mexican place- Cantina Laredo.

Crossing flooded roads in my hometown..ekkk.

Catching up on the latest issue of Feast at the pool

More shandy and using my favorite koozie from Sucre Shop.

So there you have it, my first weekend of June.


  1. Bummer you weren't able to go to Mexico. I know how frustrating it gets when plans don't go as planned.


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