Life Lately - Pumpkin Edition

Sep 22, 2015

To Attend :: O'Fallon Brewery Pumpkin Fest
If you're local, this would be a cool event to attend.

To Bake :: Pumpkin Brownies or Pumpkin Donuts
Adding pumpkin to baked goods is a year long trend that especially ramps up this time of year.

To Decorate :: Doorstep
This doorstep is a fabulous blend of all things wonderful. Lanterns, mums, succulents, Aztec print and copper.

To DIY :: Dollar Store Pumpkins
I'm all about white pumpkins this Fall.

To Pick :: Pumpkins at Thies Farm
I love this Farm, it's my go-to

To Print :: Pumpkin Watercolor
Perfect addition to a distressed frame I have

To Style :: My table with this pumpkin centerpiece idea
I repeat, white pumpkins!

All Pumpkin Everything as tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!

Image // Free Printable


  1. I'll volunteer to be taste tester for your brownies or donuts. Loving that door step! Come help me make mine cute.


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