Reading List - Fall 2015

Sep 24, 2015

I have started created reading lists for myself seasonally (see Summer's here). I re-capped the end result of my Summer Reading List and wanted to follow that up with my Fall Reading List.

Currently Reading ::
-Fixer Upper - Mary Kay Andrews

To Read ::
-Kitchens of the Great Midwest
-The Girl on the Train
-Shotgun Lovesongs
-Paper Towns
-The First Husband
-The Good Girl
-What Alice Forgot
-Why Not Me?


    1. Mindy Kaling's first book was really good and I'm not even a fan. Excited about this new one!

      ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

      1. I adore Mindy. I have briefly skimmed the first one and need to read it fully. I'm excited to get my hands on her new one (I have it on request at the library now)!

    2. Love the idea of a fall reading list AND your selections! "What Alice Forgot" is fantastic, and I'm halfway through the Mindy Kaling book myself :)

      1. I'm excited to work through my list. You should make one too! I've read the first few chapters of What Alice Forgot and am already loving it. Let me know how the new Mindy book is.


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