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Sep 25, 2015

1. Farm Fresh
I've been spending more time than usual in my hometown lately, and I'm really enjoying it. This is a picture I snapped recently when I tagged along with my brother when he went hunting on one of our farms. 

2. Clog Crushin'
I've been loving the look of clogs lately. I don't love the price tags as much, especially since I'm not sure the looks are "me". So, when I was in Old Navy and saw these on sale for $12, I snatched them up so that I can try my hand at re-creating the clog looks I've been loving. Are you a clog fan or no?

3. Three Sheep Shack Giveaway 
I've been working on our Etsy shop in my down time lately. We have a giveaway going on over on Instagram (go enter!), we started a Facebook page this week and I did a mini photoshoot of some new items (faves: Beanie + Headband). Thanks for modeling, Emily!

4. 66 Reasons
I recently discovered this contest going on through Phillips 66. Mostly I love the breakdown of 66 great reasons to love St. Louis. How cool is that list? The site is designed beautifully.

5. Quote + Image of the week


  1. Did he have a successful hunt?! Good luck styling those clogs...I just can't jump on that bandwagon. Thanks for allowing me to pretend to be a model. :)

    1. It was an unsuccessful hunt & I'm excited to wear my clogs. ;)

  2. St. Louis was such a fun, easy city to spend 3 years in. While it’s wonderful being back in the south, Brian and I actually miss parts of STL. Love that list :)

    1. Jeez. It's hard to believe it was 3 whole years you were here. You'll have to plan a visit back!


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