Concert Rewind - Parachute + Mat Kearney

Nov 13, 2015

Remember when I said I attended a concert recently? I'm switching things up a bit this week and giving you a re-cap of it today. Spotify playlists will be my new way to recap concerts I attend, so here is the first!

Mat Kearney + Parachute at The Pageant - 10.30.2015

Parachute was a band introduced to me by Emily in college. Their songs always brings back memories of cruising around in our college town in her Camaro with the T-Tops out. All the
feel-good-feels. They were a good, high-energy band to kick things off for Mat.
My favorite song of theirs is :: What I Know

Mat Kearney is very talented man. I was 100% convinced he was lip-syncing at first because his voice sounded so true to the radio version. I was a bit ticked at him for doing this and then I realized, that nope he's just that good. He's got such a hip vibe & lots of his songs have very real/relatable lyrics. I dig it.

Song breakdown:
"Just Kids" - fun beat & instantly puts me in a chill mood
"Heartbreak Dreamer" - This has a Macklemore feel to it with the end piece. "For the retired, elderly Wal-Mart store front door greeters. Shake the dust! " Shake. The. Dust.
My favorite song of his is :: Moving On
see a clip here + here

A playlist of my top picks from the artists here ::


Also, Friday the 13th!


  1. It was such a good concert! I love that you thought he was lip syncing for so long.


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