Here's to 28

Nov 12, 2015

Usually I make a list of "goals" for each year. Here's an update on year 27 and a look at year 28.

// Year 27 Goals + Updates //

- Visit Nantucket 
{Nope, you decided Mexico would be the new place you visit this year instead. Then you booked a trip and lost your passport, such is life. Nantucket, I'm still coming for ya}

- Complete {at least} one crochet project
{Still nothing- It. Will. Happen.}

- Get the home buying process moving forward
{Bought one!!!}

- Save a minimum of 5k
{Building back the nest egg, post home purchase}

Results = 1 out of 4

// Year 28 Goals // 
-Make my nest my own

-See a new city (or two)
{Portland is my must-see city for this year}

-Make self-improvement a priority
{something along the lines of taking a new class, learning to build something, embracing mornings}

-Crochet, damnit!


  1. Happy Birthday!! (is it actually today!?) I love your goals - traveling and saving money are two of mine also, but they tend to get in each other's way lol

    1. Thanks! It was last month, I just took my time crafting my updates & goals. ;)
      So very true about travel + saving, ha!

  2. You have such a good crochet teacher, you need to take advantage of that already! Such a solid list. I'm a big fan of the embrace mornings. I need to find a way to do that in my life.

    1. I know! With things picking up in the etsy shop I have more than enough motivation to do so. It's happening this year! If you figure out the secret to embracing mornings, clue me in.


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