5 Things To Try This Month - February

Feb 2, 2016

Another month & another list of things to try. If you're new to these lists, you can catch past ones here.
Each month I gather a list of 5 things -- This list typically includes places/events for St. Louis locals to try, general DIYs, adventure ideas and maybe a new read.

1. Attend a Yoga Buzz Event
I signed up for Yoga + Beer at the Biergarten! My first Yoga Buzz event!

2. Read Make it Happen
I rented this from the library & am excited to read it. You should join me!

3.  Make a simple syrup
Great for adding into cocktails or coffee. I'm making a lavender one!

4. Craft your own Valentine's swag
DIY Heart Beanie (picture above) or a XOXO garland

5. Plan a boozy brunch
My gal pal and I will be doing this on Valentine's Day. I'm getting rather excited for bottomless mimosas! This tee may be a must.

There you have it. Any of these ideas going to end up on your agenda this month? 


  1. Oh I am LOVING the brunch shirt, definitely need that in my life!

    1. Me too! I love the "mimosas made me do it" one too!

  2. These are such great things to try. That cocktail syrup is a great thing to make! And that brunch shirt is something I need, I go to so many brunches haha. I think they are my favorite time of the day :)


  3. LOVE that tee! How is that book? I've been wanting to read it!! I hope you do a bit of a review.

    1. I'm only on chapter 3 of the book and it is so inspiring. Definitely an easy read.


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