Concert Rewind - Eric Paslay

Feb 3, 2016

My friend Christine & I went to the Eric Paslay concert at Ball Park Village a few weeks ago- He put on such a good show! We literally bought tickets about 3 days out on a whim, and I am so glad we did so. I've seen him live two other times and he is always an entertaining performer. He has written a lot of songs that are performed by other top artists (here are a few), so I love when he plays those too.

Song Breakdown ::
- "Less Than Whole" - I love the main theme - 'Nobody should be less than whole'
- "High Class" - this song is such a fun, feel good jam. Great for listening to before a night out. - 'I'm talking fancy where the food ain't fast' - 'Keeping my shades on, inside'
-"She Don't Love You" - this is a song I'm sure people listen to after a breakup
- "Country Side of Heaven" - this song paints a pretty picture of Heaven - 'nothing there is ordinary, always with the ones you love'

Would I see Eric again? YES!


A peek at him performing High Class and an excited concert selfie to wrap things up ;)

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  1. LOOOVE me some Eric Paslay! He graduated from my high school a few years ahead of me! He was totally the scarecrow in the theater department's presentation of "The Wizard of Oz" haha! I've always wanted to see him live - he seems like he would be such a good performer!

    1. He's so good! How neat that you went to school together. You definitely need to go the next time he comes to your area.


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