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Feb 26, 2016

I'm currently en route to Nashville for one of my best friend's bachelorette party! This is my first time, so I am very excited! I'm mostly along for the ride and we don't have a ton of plans set it stone. We are doing brunch at Saint Anjeo and lots of barhopping on Broadway. I'd like to make time to stop into Jackalope Brewing too because I have heard good things.

Received : Special Delivery! Mother's Beer
How thoughtful are my friends? I came home to this on Monday evening and it is especially exciting because I can't get Mother's Beer in St. Louis.

Ordered : Warby Parker Home Try-On
I'm eager to get my package & show you all!

Cashed : Ebates Check
If you don't utilize Ebates, you're missing out. I've earned over $300 during my time using it and just got a check for over $80, simply for shopping online. Go check it out! #NotAnAD

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