5 Things To Try This Month - March

Mar 3, 2016

Another month & another list of things to try. If you're new to these lists, you can catch past ones here.
Each month I gather a list of 5 things -- This list typically includes places/events for St. Louis locals to try, general DIYs, adventure ideas and maybe a new read.

1. Host a planting party
I love plants- finding cute pots to plant them in, discovering a new type of plant to grace a windowsill with, gifting them. So, why not share that love with friends? I plan to host a planting party soon to embrace Spring-  provide the plants and soil and have everyone bring their own unique pot to plant in. Easy, peasy.

2. Conduct An Item Audit
Spring is the time to do a cleaning overhaul, right? One of my 2016 Intentions is an Item Audit- I'm ridding my belongings of 200+ items. You could set a weekend goal to audit x number of items. A nice re-set.

3. Attend a concert at a new venue
I'll be seeing Rachel Platten (and Eric Hutchinson) at The Ready Room which is a venue I have yet to go to. 

4. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
St. Louis options --
-Parades - Downtown or Dogtown

5. Embrace Florals! 
St. Louis options--

Anything particular you want to do (or plan to do) this month?


  1. Ahhh I'm so jealous of your plant party! Can I be invited from Oklahoma? ;)

    1. Absolutely! I haven't scheduled it yet, so let me know what works with your schedule. :)


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