Weekend Vibes -- 4.22.16

Apr 26, 2016

This weekend I spent a lot of time with family and getting things done at the house.  As I mentioned, I'm working to transform my back patio, so most of my home progress this weekend was made outdoors.

On Friday I had some girl time with my cousins and aunt. We went to Fuzzy's Taco in Westport and I enjoyed a jalepeno margarita. :)

Saturday was spent running lots of morning errands. I started it with an iced coffee from Companion and then went to the hardware store, Thies Farm and 2 garage sales in my neighborhood. Next my cousin came over and we went to At Home and Lowes. We got lots of supplies for planting succulent and veggie gardens and I snagged a rug for my living room as well as some night stands and two more small rugs. Things are slowly coming together in the casa. Then that evening I went out for drinks with a friend.

Sunday was a day spent around the house doing some landscaping / planting / meal prepping.

chairs found for my back patio on Craigslist, $10 a piece!

a succulent garden on the patio of Hacienda from a work happy hour Friday

garage sale find. $10, I plan to chalkpaint and use to create my bench entryway

back yard landscaping progress

a full Craigslist table set for my back patio ;)

a few of my container gardens


  1. I love those red chairs!!! Our backyard is so neglected and I keep saying it'll get some TLC. Maybe this Spring!

    1. Thanks! I was happy with this find. Mine too needs plenty of work, it takes lots of time and $$, but is certainly rewarding to see the changes!


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