Life Lately - Winter to Spring

Apr 27, 2016

Gosh, I haven't done a Life Lately post since January.  These are some of my favorite posts to write and read, so I'm not sure how I left that much time pass. Granted, you get an idea of what I'm up to with my Weekly Bits posts and my Weekend Vibes posts. So, today's will be lengthy and I promise not to let that much time pass until the next one.

Sipping :: iced coffee & margaritas 
Trying :: new brunch spots - wheelhouse downtown & cafe osagemelt
Thrifting :: chairs and a bench
Spending :: time on my parent's farm & doing yardwork at my house
Playing :: {putt putt} golf fundraisers
Planting :: herbs, succulents, shrubs, veggies and plants
Making :: lavender simple syrup -- my favorite recipe is in this post
Buying :: yard work supplies + plants
Reading :: through my Spring Reading List
Coloring :: #coloringclubstl
Attending :: A good friend's wedding!
Cheering :: for the Cardinal's on opening day!
Stocking :: up on summer wines
Gifting :: a fun sheep toy to my godchild for Easter


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