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Apr 4, 2016

Today I wanted to re-cap two golf events I've recently attended..

1st Up- Shed Golf
My hometown hosted this Shed Golf event a few weeks ago. This was a fundraiser for the local Knights Of Columbus. Ultimately it was a putt-putt pub crawl, but instead of pubs, we went to sheds of those who volunteered to sponsor a hole. It was the second annual event and it was a blast!

I knew most everyone playing and sponsoring holes so it was fun to catch up with those I grew up with and haven't seen in a while.

A collage of the putt-putt holes --

Some people got really creative with what they built!

We had two teams and we all wore our Three Sheep Shack tees. See our Sheep Sqaud here --

A few more images >>

{me, my mom and my cousin}

{me and my gal pal Christine}
{me and Emily}

2nd up- Golfganza

This is an event put on by a large organization of KC Halls and bars to support the Dream Factory. The concept is the same, putt-putt at various halls and bars. It's a good chill time and I've attended this one for the past few years. Pictures below >>
{the picture quality is poor, but this was my team, the Tough Putters}

{my favorite theme, hillbilly}

{how funny is this club?!}

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