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Apr 1, 2016

Hey! It's April! Any jokes up your sleeve today? This week has been a busy one, yet it has also been productive, which is the perfect balance. A few more than 5 things to share this week >>

Attended -- Yoga Buzz at O'Fallon Brewery
Yoga Buzz is a pop-up yoga class at local breweries, restaurants, etc. You attend a yoga class and follow it up with a drink! This was my second event, and since it was at a brewery near my house, I couldn't pass it up. Check out their upcoming events here.

Played -- Demolition Ball
My company did this for a team building outting this week. It's sort of a blend of basketball + bumper cars, except you have a lacrosse like scoop for the ball. It's so fun! Have you played?

Listened -- Green River Ordinance
They were amazingggggg at the Old Rock House last night. If they are ever in your city, go! Re-wind post to come!

Planted -- Lavender Seedlings
I want two big pots of lavender outside of my front door, so I am hoping these seeds flourish to create a good base for my pots.

Sipped -- Seirra Nevada - Tropical IPA
This beer camp concept is so neat! I was very pleased with this beer, I was worried it would be really fruity, but the hops mellowed it out and I loved it. Great summer beer.

Updated -- Three Sheep Shack
I gave our Etsy shop a spring cleaning. We added this Anchor Coozie to our coffee line-up!

Bought -- Drugstore Beauty Buys
I've been keeping a running list of some affordable drugstore buys to try out. These are the first two I bought this week. I am loving the primer stick.

Physicians Formula Primer Stick
TRESemme Botanique Damage Recovery Oil

Thought of the week --
"Can we all agree that basing your self-worth off of your career is not the right strategy if you want to feel fulfilled on the deepest, meaningful level?" - Jess Lively


  1. so glad i came across your blog! have a great weekend and hope you'll stop by mine as well!

    1. Thanks for popping in, Caitlin! I checked out your blog and am a fan!

  2. I cannot wait to get my coozie!! I'll post about them both! Happy Friday!


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