5 St. Louis patios to try this weekend

May 12, 2016

Need some patio suggestions for a sunny St. Louis weekend? Look no further. Here are 5 of my favorites depending on your mood!

+ If you want an artisan meal + cocktail --- Retreat Gastropub

+ If you want to drink craft beer ---Urban Chestnut Midtown

+ If you want to play washers and eat BBQ --- Southtown Pub

+ If you want to be on a trendy rooftop --- Element

+ If you want to eat brunch --- Russell's on Macklind

There you have it, my favorites. Which are your favorite patios in the city? We have soooo many to choose from in St. Louis! {stay tuned for a St. Louis county edition}


  1. Thank you! My husband and I go to St. Louis every year for our anniversary (it's close and grandparents are close). I was just thinking that I would like to go somewhere new to eat or hang out. We are kind of boring people and do the same things over and over. LOL. I will try one of these! Thank you! Saw on MO bloggers facebook post. I live near Columbia and have a sewing blog.

    1. Oh good, I hope the list comes in handy when in town. I'll head over to your blog now!


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