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May 8, 2016

Mother's Day ---
This woman, I tell ya, she is one of the strongest gals around...sounds cliche, right? Well, if you were to hear all my mother has endured over her years, you too would be in awe. The kicker is that despite what she has been through, she remains selfless, thoughtful and positive. I'm incredibly fortunate to have her at the base of my upbringing. I can only hope that her ways rub off on me and that if I am also fortunate enough to be a mother someday, that I too will possess her superpower to make everything feel okay, no matter what.

Top 5 reasons why my mom is so stellar >>
1. She is patient with her (impatient) kiddos.
2. She sends packages in the mail "just because" and for all holidays.
3. She made a resolution one year to mail everyone in our family (extended, in laws, cousins, 2nd cousins) a birthday card. She accomplished that goal and has continued it for the past few years- the list has grown to nearly 100 cards annually. She's a gem. Everyone looks forward to her cards, inclusive of scratch off tickets.
4. She has always remained unwavering in the role as a caretaker.
5. She started a scholarship fund for my brother who passed two years ago and works her tushy off crocheting for our Etsy shop to contribute annually to Stephen's fund. We are actually choosing this year's scholarship recipient today!

Famous lines from my mom---
"Don't sweat the small stuff."
"Be safe. Love you."

remember last year when I won this cool illustration?!


  1. I love this! I know your scholarship will make a big impact for someone.

    1. Thanks, lady! Every little bit counts when paying for tuition.

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing woman, role model and friend.


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