2016 - Halfway Point

Jun 30, 2016

Attention! We are officially halfway through 2016. Week 26. Can you believe that?

At the beginning of 2016 I set my 2016 Intentions, so this week I am reflecting on those and seeing how much progress I've made.

This time last year---
+ I was putting an offer in on my home (it's funny to look back at how they had it styled)
+ The offer was accepted and then all the steps to close kicked in; boy was I stressed!
+ I booked a trip to Mexico and didn't go (drat!)
+ My Dad was rejecting his lungs, on treatments to try to counteract that, and was very ill

This time this year--
+ I'm settling into my home and slowly making it my own {#SeeJessNest}
+ I have a few trips lined up and summer concerts to look forward to
+ I'm focusing on being more open
+ There are new creative endeavors in the mix (our Three Sheep Shack space at Joy's Collective Market, my Top Shelf Blogger profile on Drizly, etc)

All in all, my 2016 is feeling better at this moment than it did last year around this time, and for that I am choosing to be grateful. My continued wish for 2016 is for my family to find happiness and healing, and we are working towards that in our own ways.

Today take a moment and think about how the halfway point of 2016 is looking for you. How far have you come? What's your favorite thing about 2016 thus far? What more would you like to see yourself accomplish?

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