Weekly Bits -- 26 of 52

Jul 1, 2016

Here we are. Week 26. At the halfway point of 2016.
4th of July weekend is upon us. We have lots of rain in the forecast here, so I am not sure what that will mean for our fireworks displays. I know plenty of farmers who will be grateful for it.
I plan to go fishing, head to Fair St. Louis, attend a family bbq and hopefully see many fireworks. How about you?

This week I...

Bought -- a bbq pit and grilled for the first time!

Prepped -- for our Three Sheep Shack space at Joy's Collective Market

Sipped -- craft beer

How cute is that lemonade stand from the courtyard at Joy's Collective Market? Happy 4th weekend, friends!

Thought of the week >>
hustle + heart will set you apart

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