Weekend Vibes - Dad's Weekend

Jun 20, 2016

This weekend was a good, low-key one for me. One filled with lots of family time.

I kicked things off Friday afternoon with some girl time with a friend for her upcoming birthday, we ended up heading to the park to stand up paddleboard which is never a dull adventure.

Saturday was morning I ran a few errands and headed to my hometown to see my brother's new house (!!!). A quick stop at Lowe's for him had me wandering through the succulent section (above) -I managed to resist adding any new plants to my collection. I love his new home (his first!) and am eager to watch him make it his own. That evening we headed to mass in honor of my Dad for his birthday. This was our first without him here.

Sunday was father's Day, another first for us without Dad. It had a rocky start, but then my family headed to my Grandma's house (my Dad's side) for a BBQ and some time spent outdoors. It ended up being the perfect Summer Sunday. The kind that leaves your heart feeling happy and knowing you are blessed. After dinner we sat outside and chatted while the sun set and lighting bugs flickered. The picture quality isn't great, but we had another magical sky, the kind that makes me think Dad is up above making sure we know he's around.

This weekend had me feeling very introspective with these two "firsts" - I (so very much) wish things were different for my family. I wish we didn't have to experience this at what feels like too early of a time for us all. I wish Dad could be here to see Daniel's first home, I wish he could have been able to see mine, I wish he was still at home managing our farm/land, giving us all his advice and being by my mother's side....but that isn't what is in the cards for my family. Despite it all, more often than not, I'm left with a calming feeling that despite all this struggle and heartache, we are going to be okay.

Sending you all my love, Dad.


  1. I know just how special dads are. I am so sorry yours is not here anymore. So great that you all remembered him this weekend.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Ashley. I hope you had a great weekend.


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