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Sep 2, 2016

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, friends! I have an action packed weekend - stand up paddleboarding, a wedding, a hog roast and hopefully some pool time. How about you?

This week I planned  to get back into a routine after lots of travel, but alas, it was busy busy and I sill have multiple bags to unpack, dishes to do and a house that needs some TLC. In time.

A few things from this week >>

+ Celebrated -- Emily!
I went to have what I thought would be birthday drinks with her but then it doubled as engagement drinks!!!! Congrats to her & Michael!

+ Prepped -- More product to take to Joy's Collective Market
My mom has been staying busy crocheting to fulfill orders in our Etsy shop, keep our space stocked at Joys and we just had a new client place an order to stock our product in their fashion truck!

+ Listened -- Chris Lane - Girl Problems Album
I've had this on repeat lately. I am hoping he comes to St. Louis soon.

+ Enjoyed -- Quality Time
I spent one -on-one time with my grandma, had a wine night with a friend, and went on a long walk with another friend and as mentioned, celebrated Emily!

Adventures still to come this Summer >>
1. Stand Up Paddleboarding
2. Labor Day Hog Roast
3. Lou Fest
4. Color Run

image via this Fresh Exchange post


  1. Have a great holiday weekend! Have been wanting to try stand up paddle boarding! Would love to hear how it goes!


    1. It was so fun! I've done it a few times and always enjoy it.

  2. Awe thanks for the shout out!! So glad I could celebrate with you!! Can't wait to get the planning started!

    1. You betcha! Lots of exciting things on the horizon for you.


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