5 Things To Try This Month -- October

Oct 12, 2016

Another month & another list of things to try. Each month I gather a list of 5 things to do -- This list typically includes places/events for St. Louis locals to try, general DIYs, adventure ideas and maybe a new read. If you're new to these lists, you can catch past ones here.

Fall. Fall. Fall. We all love Fall.

1. Embrace an Oktoberfest
The one in Hermann is big here in MO. DO314 has a ton of great Fall beer events listed here that you should check out also.

2. Host a pumpkin party
Decorate pumpkins, carve pumpkins, have a pumpkin beer tasting, eat pumpkin infused dishes...take whatever spin you want with it, but do it! I think it would be fun to plant some succulents into pumpkins for a cute centerpiece.

3. Wineries
Need I say more? Get to some! I'm heading to Cedar Lakes Winery (as per usual) for my birthday celebration and also have a work outting to the wineries in Defiance.

4. Start a new TV series
I recommend This is Us. Have you started any new ones you recommend?

5. Try out a new fashion trend

I'm digging long vests to create more structure to casual outfits this Fall- whether they are sweater, trench, utility, etc


  1. I'm hooked on This is Us! Such a great show!!

    1. I know! I can't wait to cozy up and watch yesterday's episode tonight.

  2. A pumpkin party sounds like a lot of fun! Great idea!

    1. Yea, so many possibilities! I'll be attending a pumpkin carving party!


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