Weekend Vibes - First of October

Oct 11, 2016

This was the first weekend of October and I loved the Fall weather we had here in St. Louis.  Highs in the low 70's with sunshine and cool evenings. The scene above is from the courtyard at Joys.

Friday -- James Bay concert
Wow, was he awesome! He has some serious talent. He's able to keep the crowd engaged- It was a sold out concert and boy was the energy buzzing. A band called Joseph opened for them, and were from Portland (funny timing!)- They were fabulous and I was familiar with a lot of their songs from Spotify playlists. One of my faves is SOS.

Saturday -- Fall party
I spent the day doing things around my house, grocery shopping, going on a long walk and then I had a Fall party at a co-workers house. Fire-pit, chilli, smore's, we had it all.

Sunday -- A 6k to support Sarcoma & a quiet day back at my parent's farm
I walked the 6k to support a friend then spent the afternoon back home. Here's Tigg, my mom's new-ish puppy.

Monday -- Day off!
The day was mostly low-key. I started the day by having breakfast with my mom. Then we ran errands and worked on things for the Shack. I also almost finished this book in about 24 hours - The Status of All Things. Still working my way through this reading list.

+ My friend Emily asked me to be a bridesmaid! Naturally I said yes!

+ In other news, my birthday is only ONE WEEK away. Just like always, I can't believe another year has passed. See last years letters to me + my year 28 goals.
+ Oh, I am also aware that I still need to finish my draft of  v.2 of my weekend vibes - sweet summertime.


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    1. I'm still finishing it up, but it's a good quick read. Has an interesting component to it.


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