Here's to 29

Oct 19, 2016

Each year I make a list of "goals" for myself - So, let's see what's on the docket for 29 and take a look at how 28 played out.

// Year 29 Goals //

- See a new city (again & always!)

{I haven't decided where I want to go, I'm up for whatever... Phoenix, Palm Springs, who knows}

-Buy a new (to-me) car
{my car is a 2006 and I've had it since then. I love not having a car payment, but know it's getting to be time to bite the bullet and upgrade.}

- Focus on financials
{I want to edit my 401k & my Roth IRA and up my monthly contribution to my savings account.}

- Brew Beer!

{I have a Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit that I need to put to use already!}


// Year 28 Goals // 

-Make my nest my own
A lot of progress (new couch, new dining table, bbq pit, etc) has been made, but my house still has a long way to go.

-See a new city (or two)
{Portland is my must-see city for this year}
Check! The image above is from our trip- Thunder Mountain Brewery in Cascade Locks. A re-cap is still to come!

-Make self-improvement a priority
{something along the lines of taking a new class, learning to build something, embracing mornings}
One thing I did intentionally do this year was make an honest effort to be open minded to dating and letting people in. This was hard for me even before my life happenings, but especially hard after. I think changing my mindset was crucial for me, and I am now in a relationship with a great guy. The way it all synced up still makes me shake my head and wonder if my Dad had a hand in it from above. (mushy,  I know. I know.)

-Crochet, dammit!
Check! - I made two scarves-- with some assistance.

Results = I'll give myself a 3.5 out of 4.


  1. I just bought a new car last year - I miss not having a payment, but it is nice to have the upgrade!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! Love all your goals! You did great with last years! We don't have a car payment either, but we're probably going to need to upgrade soon too! ugh! lol

  3. If getting a new car to you is on your list, I have some advice that will save you time and money. Join a few Facebook local groups and put the word out there. Before you know it, several local dealers will be reaching out to you. This way you can pick the brains of locals to see which is best.

    Cedrick @ Viva Chrysler Dodge Jeep


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