Weekly Bits -- 42 of 52 -- Birthday Week Edition

Oct 21, 2016

As you know, this week was BIRTHDAY WEEK for me & thus, all my Friday favorites are birthday related.

+ Deliveries and gifts
My week started with a birthday week gift & an adorable card about day 1 of birthday week being day 1 of gifts from my friend Emily. How thoughtful! And I know she had an accomplice too (Hey Tom!).
I was showered with sooooo much love on my birthday. Texts/Calls/Facebook/Instagram/Cards/Deliveries/Treats.
I got TWO deliveries at work...this never happens, so I was definitely shocked to get multiples. A bouquet of flowers with a balloon from my Goddaughter and my friend (above). Then my cousin Emily sent me an edible arrangement. Treats from co-workers, a package from my mom, special call from my Grandma, a gift from my boyfriend's mom, cards, you name it!
day 1 - birthday week treat

co-workers got me my Starbucks order + SIX cake pops, a home depot card (hello homeowner) and some donuts holes.

a peek at lots of the goodies that came my way

+ Birthday Horoscope
My friend sent me this via the St. Louis Post. I do know one thing, I was certainly overwhelmed by all of the kindness on my birthday!

+ Lunch - Slider House
Definitely a new go-to for me - We frequent there for lunch celebrations. Love their options and I highly recommend this Watermelon cocktail! Plus their atmosphere is spot on - We sat inside by the massive garage doors which were open for a pretty Fall day.

+ Dinner - Grapeseed
Me & the boy went out to dinner (no picture) and split some small plates on the adorable patio out back while I sipped wine and he had some beer. We were going to pop into Russell's after, but it was 8:45 when we wrapped up and they close at 9. Which was a-okay, because I had soo many sweets from the day.

+ Wineries
I'm heading to Defiance (Chandler Hill + Montelle) today for a team outting at work. Then tomorrow I am having a celebration at Cedar Lake Cellars for my birthday.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week!! Wishing you a wonderful year, too!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a great year! Deliveries at work are the best, so two on one day is just amazing!! :)

  3. Wooohoo for your birthday week! Your friends and family really sound amazing - as do your coworkers. Hope you had fun at the wineries!

  4. Sounds like an amazing week!
    Your co-workers are so thoughtful too!


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