5 Things To Try -- November

Nov 3, 2016

Another month & another list of things to try. Each month I gather a list of 5 things to do -- This list typically includes places/events for St. Louis locals to try, general DIYs, adventure ideas and maybe a new read.  This post marks 1 whole year of 5 to try posts; the one that started it all.

1. Host a coloring + cocktail evening
Have some gals over, snag some coloring books or print some pages from Pinterest, and whip up some fun cocktails. What better way to catch up and unwind? Love this printable option - grateful and blessed.

2. Start a gratitude journal 
I bought a cute and affordable one from Marshall's a while back and want to get back into the habit of posting in it. If you don't want to commit to a journal, maybe whip up a gratitude list once every now and then.

3. Break out the cozy knits
It's that time for cozy sweaters/scarves/blankets/you-name-its. I'll be bundling up in my Jessie Scarf as the temps drop. See my Pinterest board of all things cozy.

4. Knock out a household task
The sun goes down earlier, so use those evening hours to knock out the tasks inside that you put off all Summer. My goal is to get curtain rods up & get my home office started (inspiration here).

5. Book a weekend getaway
If you are local and want quick options these are my suggestions (all less than 2 hours from St. Louis). I'll be heading to an out of town wedding (a small town near Columbia, MO) this month and am looking forward to it! Maybe I'll be able to stop into a brewery in Columbia while away. 

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